"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." A.A. Milne

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better Than Perfect, Real Life

Lately, I have found many people who seem to be putting their life off for something. The reasons are varied and appear to be endless. It could be they are waiting for the perfect job, the right spouse, the kids to be whatever age they are not now, until they lose 30lbs, until they get it all together, etc. There is an idea floating among many people that if they can just make their life perfect then they will be happy. I have oftenheard the lament, "Oh when will it be my turn???"

Well, two things, you will not ever make your life perfect enough to be happy and it is your turn right now! Happiness does not come from perfection. Happiness comes from learning to be content where we are and to release ourselves from the eternal and doomed quest of finding "the moment". They are all the right moments. It has to do with your perspective. If you insist on focusing on the problems and the less thans in your life then you are consigning yourself to a pretty miserable life. But if you choose to focus on the joy and beauty of every situation, you will find a peace and wonder filled life. And it is your turn, right now, to make this decision.

Don't misunderstand me, life is hard. There are challenges, pain, and even disaster. It is not all rainbows and unicorns. But even in the most difficult situations, there is joy and beauty. You can find them if you look hard enough. Or more likely, if you are just willing to open your eyes and see them right in front of you.

Many years ago I found myself in the waiting for my life to begin mindset. It saddens me to think of the time I wasted. There is so much more to life. When I finally realized what I was doing, I decided I would live in the moment and for the moment as much as possible. That was a turning point, perhaps the turning point of my life. Deciding to live in the moment and to really be present for life has given me a multitude of amazing moments. They are not perfect, they are better than perfect, they are real life.

If you are struggling, turn your focus. Focus on the amazing sunset that will never be seen exactly that way again. Listen intently to the sound of your child's laughter, she will never be exactly this age again. Snuggle with someone you love and feel your warmth combine with theirs. Rest in silence as your treasure that particular moment, that particular feeling that is unique to right then. Indulge yourself in enjoying the best friend whose very presence makes you feel 100 emotional pounds lighter and 10 years younger.

We have this life. This is it. There really is no do overs. You can wait around trying to reach a fantasy that will never come or you can run out into the world and embrace life with arms wide open, accepting all the beauty and all the pain. You can accept the all and live in this moment right now. What will you choose?

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