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Monday, May 21, 2012

Things I Love Monday for May 21st

It has been a seriously hard week here. The children have never been this sick before. That is the downside of good health, you are spoiled! Also, much of my support network has been unavailable for different reasons. I have been stretched and thinned but we have come through it. My babies are on the mend and for that I am really grateful. So on that note, I thought I would share the things I love this Monday. 1. Recycled sari wrap skirts- I have really become a skirt and dress kind of woman. I am not exactly sure why but there it is. I love the beautiful brightly colored prints. They are so vibrant and feminine. The silk is so deliciously soft and whispers across my body. They make me feel as if I am dancing with every movement. I love the way in look in them. They make me feel very beautiful. 2. Running- I love running. I need running. I was not able to run this past week and it was not a good thing. I carried tension and stress I normally would have dumped out on the pavement. 3. I love my husband understands my need to run, do yoga, and workout in general. I love he saw the problem and immediately devised a solution even though he was tired and stressed himself. 4. I love this weather. Summer is rapidly approaching and I adore it. Today I took some time to just lie in the sun and soak it up. It was wonderful. The sky has been so blue and the clouds float through the sky forming shapes for Hannah to see. Love it. 5.Unschooling or natural learning- Yesterday John was out with the kids and John numbered the stones 1-6 for the kids per usual. Hannah was insisting it was not finished. She then wrote out 7-10. We didn't know she could do that. Then she and Logan amazed us with all of the letters they could write. It was wonderful. 6. I love Hannah's fascination with growing things. She is enthralled with our garden and the seeds she planted herself. It has been a great experience. 7. My garden- It is really coming in well this year. A couple of years ago we began our perennial, English style garden. It is really coming together and quite lovely. Those are just a few things off the top of my head. Truth be told I am still pretty wrecked from this week. But there are always a multitude of things to love and be grateful for each day.

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