"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." A.A. Milne

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Days

I am amazed how much my brain was fogged and distracted. My head is clearing rapidly and it is amazing. The closest thing I can compare it too is being drugged. My senses and thought processes had really become that dulled and fuzzy. Amazing. Just amazing.

So what I am doing with my new found clarity? Lots of things, actually.

The kids and I have been crafting up a storm. We made lots of decorations for Valentine's Day which they are fascinated with for some reason. We have hung hearts all over the house with heart garland. Logan is extremely proud of his creations. I love that. I also started to teach them very beginning needlepoint. I bought burlap, yarn, plastic needles, and embroidery hoops. It worked out extremely well. Hannah really focused on her project for a long time. I am going to pull out some iron ons this afternoon and prep an embroidery project for myself. I am not wanted to knit right now but embroidering some tea towels is enticing. I want to make and embroidery some new pillows for the living room but I need to practice.

Cooking has been going strong. Aside from the daily whole food prep and cooking, I have tried some new things. My first batch of homemade Greek yogurt is going strong. Sadly, I believe my first attempt at whole wheat English muffins is going to be a bust. Oh well, it is the first time I have ever worked with yeast so it is a learning experience.

I have been reading and writing a great deal more. I am filling my journal with many of the thoughts and speculations bursting forth. I love to see the pages fill up with not-so-neat writing. The not-so-neat part indicates I am passionate and excited, too het up to pay too much attention to penmanship. As it should be. I am reading two wonderful books, "A Simple Path" by Mother Thereasa and "Trick of Light" by Louise Penny. Both are excellent so far.

Other than that I am just spending time with the kids. We laugh alot, dance, sing, and cuddle. And we talk, and talk, and talk. I have two children that may just talk more than me. You can all feel very sad for John because I am not sure he will ever get another word in a conversation in this house. Poor guy.

I have been able to really think about the schooling choices we are making for a children. Unschooling is working extremely well for us right now and I believe it will for some time to come. I am so grateful I am in the right place to really think about all of this. It is truly a gift.

Overall, I am having a great time and enjoying myself. I wish this for every, single, one of you.

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