"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." A.A. Milne

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Life Thus Far....

Doesn't that sound deliciously pretentious? I rather like it. It is somewhat right on point however. Since leaving the world of social media I have felt as if my life has returned. It has been much fun and made me a bit sad I wasted so much of it. But no reason to fret about the past. This is about the present.

Well, first I fell into a bit of a funk. We have been having some rather large life stresses here at the Elvert household. They have resolved themselves rather satisfactorily for the most part but now the anxiety and other negative emotions have sort of crashed down out of their holding pattern. We are systematically digging our way out of that mess and joy is returning in full force.

I am beyond excited because my absolute bestie Jen has become a sahm. This move has resulted in many wonderful changes in her life. She is loving it. But since the world, or at least this blog, revolves around the brightest shining star in the firmament, namely me, the greatest benefit I see is I have been able to spend much more time in her beauteous presence. This is a wondrous and beautiful thing. This woman flat out nurtures and refreshes me. She is the person I never mind how much strength, joy, or positive energy she may need from me because she always returns it tenfold. Glorious I tell you. I am a better person for knowing her. She is the bomb, you know?

Another big thing is I am really into the whole unschooling thing. I LOVE it. I want my children to be life learners. Now whatever objections you may have, I must be honest, I don't really care to hear them. This method works for our family now and we will change direction when it stops working for us. I think that should be the motto for most families, don't you?

One off shoot of this knew found love of an unusual education philosophy is the new proliferation of classic literature in our home. You must understand something, I love classic literature. Shakespeare, Dickens, Milton, Homer, and so many more are old, old friends of mine. But in the years following the birth of my children my brain turned to something more resembling warm mush than a steel trap filled with lightening fast intellect. If you don't know, classics take quite a bit more work than my fave trashy urban fantasy reads.I have to think more. So hard, don't you agree?? But unschooling means I will strive to live out the notion that I will strive to be the person I want my children to become. So be it, enter the challnging literature. I think I am going to learn Italian next year. I will be going the Rosetta Stone path. I have heard good things and there is a dearth of classes in my immediate vicinity. Hopefully in a year my children will occasionally allow me 15 minutes uninterrupted. I doubt it but hope springs eternal.

What else? What else? The weather is amazing for February but I am hungering for the true warmth and earth- scented green of spring. It makes my spirit sing with joy and my soul come alive. I fairly hum with beauty of it and I LOVE it.

Finally, I am very excited because we bought tickets to Quiddam by Cirque du Soleil. I am giddy because they are floor seats. The are stomach turning expensive but we only do this once a year and it is an ultimate pleasure for me and it seems my husband just really likes for me to be happy. I danced for two days after the purchase. Now i just have to wait 4 months (seriously???) for the date to arrive. Patience is good and all, right?

So there you have it. A little rambly, slightly silly, and quite babbly but I guess that describes me right now so it is apt.


  1. If unschooling works, you should go for it. I like (okay, need) to remind myself that what works this year for this child may very well not ever work for another child. But, take it one year at a time, run with what works, modify/ditch what doesn't. I would definitely have all the fun you can while they are little (when unschooling is easiest). Facing algebra, geometry and grammar comes way too soon.

    We are also going to use Rosetta Stone next year - I think Spanish. I live in fear of sending my children into the world where they might press 2 by mistake and be trapped in customer service forever, with no way to escape.

  2. Paula, your customer service neverland example is hilarious!

    That's what I plan to do, just go with it one year, one day at a time. My kids are such natural learners. Hannah just turned 4 and has accomplished over 3/4 of the objectives to get out of Kindergarten. Logan has met 1/3 of those goals at 2.5. That is with no flashcards, set worktime, etc. Of course they are very young and things can change but I am happy to bee bop down this path until it no longer works.

    I am so happy to have some very academically successful people in our lives. They are incredible mentors for the kids and examples of what self directed learners can achieve.

    But as for now, Hannah is going to be a doctor. Why? So she can scissors, even the SHARP scissors, whenever she wants!